The Forget-me-not shopping bag

The Chico Bag

The Chico Bag - fits in your hand and can clip to your keys

Everyone knows that plastic shopping bags are bad OK. We’re all supposed to use those green bags you can purchase for a dollar. But we have to remember to bring them with us each time we go shopping. Well I’m always forgetting them, especially when I duck into the shop to grab some milk! Plus, they’re a bit bulky to carry around.

Well here’s the solution.

Dr Kriger from came to visit and gave me a bag the other day which saves my fading memory. It’s just as big as those green bags but it packs away into its own stuff sac and fits in the palm of your hand.

It’s light weight, strong as and clips onto your key ring. So wherever your keys go, your reusable shopping bag goes to. It’s awesome.

The bag is made from recycled drink bottles; even the clip is recycled aluminium.

The best thing though is that it floats, so it saves my keys when I drop them in the water. A must have for a marine ecologist.

Get your reuseable Save The Frogs! tote bag.

The Chico Bag expanded

Big enough to put milk, bread, eggs, etc

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