Walk Against Warming in Brisbane 2009 – It's based on a new religion

Walk Against Warming Brisbane 2009 - Climate Change

Walk Against Warming Brisbane 2009 - Climate Change

I attended the recent Walk Against Warming 2009 in Brisbane for a couple of reasons. One was to get out there and add to the numbers so that politicians could see that voters cared. Another reason was to see what sort of people turned up.

Walk Against Warming can be classified as a demonstration or protest. It could also be considered a ‘Green’ event so I expected to be surrounded by professional protesters, tree hugging hippies, and forest ferals. By referring to my handy anthropological classification book I was able to identify two rare forest ferals, a few aging tree hugging hippies and the mandatory smattering of university professional protesters.

Surprisingly though the dominant groups were, dare I say it, “working families” and aging baby boomers: regular people.

This is important because these groups rarely expresses themselves in public. Regular people tend to soak up the information they read and express their opinion at the ballot box, in private. In other words, for every one walking against warming there are probably 100′s who agree but don’t express it. Something for those studying politics I think.

To liven things up and demonstrate our nation’s freedom of speech, a small group of brave (or foolhardy) climate change deniers had taken up position in the gallery overlooking King George Square, the site for the end of the walk. Their goal was to explain to the masses below why climate change is not happening..simply by shouting at them.

The responding chant from the crowd went something like Renewable energy now.

Even if climate change is a new religion and the planet is not warming as they revealed to us, then what’s wrong with wanting a bit of renewable energy?

Ten years ago there were many more people like these guys, now thankfully they’re a minority.

Education and knowledge takes us a long way, ignorance leaves us in the past still playing with flat earths and idols.

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One thought on “Walk Against Warming in Brisbane 2009 – It's based on a new religion

  1. That guy looked like he was a few degrees of freedom short of a significant result.

    Still, only the tail end of society’s bell curve still actively deny the problem, and we have generally been capable of ignoring wingnuts in the past (with some disastrous notable exceptions).

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